Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela


If your work and interests relate and education and democracy, JOIN OUR 4-PILLAR FRAMEWORK. See our EfD MODEL.

You can do so on the institutional and/or individual level – by becoming a member of the formal EfD Network and/or the informal EfD Hub, respectively.

You can also register for the EfD Conference and/or support us in the development of the EfD University.

’Education for Democracy’ HUB

gathering academics and various practitioners whose interests and strivings combine education and democracy on multiple levels and who participate in different EfD initiatives

’Education for Democracy’ NETWORK

bringing together educational establishments running democracy-oriented lifelong education & empirical studies, and monitoring formal and extra-formal education

’Education for Democracy’ CONFERENCE

focused on different – i.e. economic, humanistic, and sociopolitical – perspectives, and on different sectors – schools, media, non-governmental organizations, local government

’Education for Democracy’ UNIVERSITY

fostering – through different channels (incl. online lectures, joint publications, media, etc.) – democratic education and providing scientific and didactic support for the other EfD pillars

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